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To develop your business through the internet, it is essential to increase your visibility. Our experts  support you for your natural referencing.

A site can be beautiful, efficient in terms of technique and with quality content, it may not be enough to make it visible.

Natural referencing is an optimization work that aims to gain the trust of search engines. All elements of the site must be adjusted to perform on search engines.

"It's a long-term job that requires patience and yields excellent, long-lasting and very profitable results."

Bureau de presse


  • Meta optimization (Title, Description, Keyword)

  • Feasibility study if the site is existing.

  • Configuration or study of important files for SEO

  • Added Google webmaster tool code to track incoming links, site popularity and site health analysis to work GOOGLE: sitemap, robot.txt

  • Creation and publication of articles periodically in your blog.

  • Campaign in free directories, Forum, Digg like … all respecting the Google algorithm


  • Phase 1configuration and creation of campaign tools, and  quality backlinks with a deadline of two or three months for validation

  • Phase 2 : Keywords displayed on the search engine: reinforcement of varied insertions to have many incoming links

  • Phase 3: Keywords displayed in the top 20: our campaign is reaching its maturity phase

  • Stage 4 :  50% of the keywords arrive in the top 10: it is the work of stability and sustainability


  • A maximum of 10 keys to work on per site

  • Have ftp/admin access

  • Minimum 3 month contract

  • Monthly payment



  • Every month we do:

  • Listing in 10 professional directories

  • Listing in 10 simple directories

  • A positioning report

  • A report of each publication

  • Each content written by us is sent to you for validation on your part before publication.



  • Every month we do:

  • Writing  for your blog

  • Each content written by us is sent to you for validation on your part before publication.

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